Cycling Classes Near You


35 Minute

For those on their lunch hour. Our Sprint 35 minute ride is designed for those that are short on time. We incorporate our signature 45 minute into a 35 minute class with the same high-energy ride that will test your endurance with push you with less Recovery time between intervals.



45 Minute
Full Ride

Our signature 45 minute high-intensity training ride. Climb heavy hills, sprint through fast flats, jog up-and-down mixed terrains, and race against others in the epic class that’s changed countless bodies and minds. Includes an upper-body series for a full-body workout.



120 Minute
Endurance Ride

Our 120 minute endurance ride Ready to take it to the next level? This no-holds-barred ride is a more challenging version of our 45 minute, with longer races, steeper hills, longer upper body series, and less recovery time. The harder the battle the sweeter the Victory.



Yoga and Spin

Spin class with a twist! Come enjoy a 30 minute sprint cardio workout—with popular songs, beats and rhythms to ride to, while testing your endurance and stamina. Then finish off the rest of the class with a 30 minute yoga session.



Private or Corporate Rides

What’s better than a Life Cycle ride? A Life Cycle we ride as a team. If you’re looking to work hard, play hard, celebrate success, or simply throw a kickass party, come sweat it out with your group. Sweaty high-fives encouraged.



CommUNITY Rides

There’s nothing more heartful than sweating it out for a cause! A commUNITY Ride is a 45-minute full body class where each individual bike is sold to fundraise for the partnering cause.


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